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BSc & MSc projects

Undergraduate and graduate research project opportunities in the Forming Worlds Lab

Undergraduate students at RUG & Kapteyn

The Forming Worlds Lab offers BSc and MSc research and thesis projects for Kapteyn and RUG students in the fields of planetary and exoplanetary sciences. For the general research themes, please take a look at


Specific thesis topics for Kapteyn Astronomy students are often outlined in the Kapteyn intranet: However, other projects are available on a rolling basis. Interdisciplinary projects for physics, chemistry, or computational science majors are possible. Please get in touch if you are interested in doing a research project in our group.

External students

Typically, the Forming Worlds Lab cannot support research projects by external students through virtual supervision only. However, depending on the current availability of supervisory capacity and open projects in the group this may change infrequently.

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